7 Sign An Introvert Loves You Secretly


Have you ever felt that a person likes you very much but is still trying to hide his feelings from you? Although there can be many reasons for this, one of the biggest secret is that the person you love is an introvert.

What are you talking about? When someone really likes us, his heart will definitely come out. Although friends, you are right, but if you are an introvert like me, then you will understand how we like to hide things.

Instead of expressing your feelings directly. That’s why today I am going to tell you 9 secret signs that prove that no introvert secretly loves you and you don’t even realize it. So feelers, be ready to feel the fact.

1. Sharing personal things

Friends, introvert people are not very talkative. That’s why there is a storm of feelings in their heart and the mouth is often quiet. We introverts share our personal things like hobbies, passions and likes and dislikes only with those people who we really like and who we really trust.

That’s why if an introvert starts sharing his personal things with you, then understand that you are more than a friend for him.

2. Moving closer to you

Friends, for introverts, their personal space is very important. When they talk to people they don’t like, they keep some distance from them. But in the picture, the twist comes when they like someone very much.

Now they will try to get closer to that person and it is not a coincidence to touch the other person while talking. Rather, it is an expression of hidden love in the heart of an introvert.

Anyway, friends, physical touch is a powerful medium to share your feelings. With this, introverts try to show that they have no problem making a physical connection with you. And now you can enter their personal space.

7 Sign An Introvert Loves You Secretly

3. Thinking of you

Introverts don’t even know how to express their feelings. We start thinking more about those we love. But at the same time, we will try to say that we have never remembered you.

If we write you a text message and say best of luck for something or share a random post with you, don’t take it lightly.

Because introverts don’t do anything without reason. We were missing you somewhere, so we have sent you a good morning or good evening text to remind you. And also send you a message that look sir and ma’am, we care a lot about you, please remember us too.

4. Sharing their creativity

Friends, we introverts are born with creativity. And it is very difficult to say how our creativity works in the field in which we are interested.

And anyway, for introverts, their creative ideas are no less than a secret. In our hobbies and passions, we share our thoughts and feelings with those who we truly love.

If we are telling you how creative ideas are in our mind, then you are more than a friend to us.

5. First move

Friends, there will be very few times when an introvert starts talking to someone. This desire is often done by extroverts. When an extrovert says hi hello and moves first, then the introvert will have a little desire to talk to that person.

But, but, but, there is also a scenario when introverts forget all their shyness and hesitation and make the first move. And that is the case of love.

Yes, if any introvert starts talking to you and starts a conversation with you without saying anything, then understand that the work is done. By the way, after watching this video, many introverts will become aware, so be careful.

6. Real Talk

Friends, small talk is something that 99.9% of introverts do not like at all. Instead, they like to talk about deep and meaningful things. When they are with an unknown person, they prefer to talk about useless small talk like, today the weather is very bad.

But, but, if we get interested in you, then we do not know how deeply we will take the conversation that started with hi hello. We will try to know everything about you from you, your family, your interest, etc.

So be careful that there is no introvert who is more interested in your life. If there is, then understand that the work is done. Bye Bye, Tata, Goodbye, Gaya

7. Feelings for you

Friends, I think that sharing your feelings with others is the most challenging thing for an introvert. An introvert starts using phone calls along with text messages as soon as he falls in love.

He wants to tell the other person directly or indirectly how deep feelings he has hidden in his heart for you. The body language of introverts, the way they talk, their attitude, After falling in love, he becomes an extrovert rather than a sigh and loner.

They will try their best to share their feelings with you, but you need to understand it with love. Friends, the best thing about an introvert is that the more love he shows from the outside, the more love he gives you from the inside.

But it doesn’t happen with other people. Some people will show from the outside that they are giving you a lot of importance, but from the inside, they don’t have that feeling of respect for you.

That’s why introverts deserve a salute. And I will request you to appreciate their feelings. Then a pure soul of an introvert will be very happy.

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