Basic Guide to Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship


Did you meet someone very special through a social network, but they live thousands of miles away?

Did you go on vacation, and what you thought was simple summer love turns out to have turned into something more?

Have you gone on an exchange or to work somewhere else and unexpectedly fall in love with someone who lives there, and you must return to your city?

Is your boyfriend about to do a master’s or doctorate in another country, and you don’t know whether to end or continue the relationship?

Has your partner been transferred hundreds of miles away from you for work reasons?

Suppose you find yourself in any of these situations, and the relationship is worth it. In that case, the last thing you can do is fall into depression and think about ending it without even having fought for it.

Believe it or not, these types of relationships are more common than you think. With great geographic mobility, globalization, and technological advances, more people in this scenario are getting ahead.

I am an example of this. I lived in a long-distance relationship for a year and finally lived with my partner in Spain. I can’t say that everything was smooth sailing, but this situation brought us together a lot, laying the strong foundations for our current relationship. 

For this reason, I dared to make this basic guide with all the useful points. And with whom you are sure to keep your long-distance relationship burning.

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Basic Guide to Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

1. Establish your own Media 

Whether you use WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook calls, Facetime, Keep Calling, or any other application or social network, establish your means of communication.

Take into account the time difference and your tasks for the day. Don’t worry about marking your loved one when he is asleep; there is a tremendous misunderstanding!

2. Send Surprises Occasionally

Surprising someone you love, even if they are miles away, is priceless.

Send a letter by regular mail, a gift on a special date, an e-book if he likes to read, or give an experience that you know he will love. There are many online stores in all countries where you can hire these services, and shipping will only cost you a little.

3. Meet to do an online activity together. 

Having a long-distance relationship during this time is incredible!

Our technology allows us to connect in real-time. Take advantage of these great advantages to watch your favorite series with your partner, listen to music at the same time, or play an online video game. 

4. Be Strong 

Be aware that you will spend a few physical and many hours together. Adopt a brave attitude towards it because even if you are not physically in the same space and there are many moments in which you miss each other when you are together, they will be invaluable and unforgettable moments.

5. Don’t be afraid to be Alone

In a long-distance relationship, loneliness is a frequent companion for both.

Many times, they will have to attend social events alone. There will be no trips to the movies or outings to eat in a row, just as couples who live in the same place do.

 Still, learn to be happy, accept those Skype dates and Facetime, and deal with being alone most of the time. 

6. Save Money 

If it is within your means and you have a stable economy, try to save.

Having a relationship of this style often means taking an international trip at least once a year, which translates into a large additional expenditure of money.

Not everyone can afford that luxury, but it is a point that must be considered.

A healthy relationship does not survive with pure love, much less one of this type.

7. Be faithful to your Promises

Explain the terms of your relationship well.

Whether you agreed to fidelity or the option to be friends with benefits doesn’t matter. If you agree, keep your promises, trust each other, and respect them.

I assure you that if you do it, the distance will make your relationship stronger.

8. Establish Specific Dates to Visit Each Other 

Although we can communicate, see, and hear with all the applications we have. There is nothing that replaces the sensation of touching, caressing, kissing, hugging, and making love with your partner.

To the best of your ability, do not stop seeing each other physically, at least every 6 months. Those days will be glory for both of you and will remind you why it is worth continuing to fight for your relationship. 

If you find yourself in a relationship like this, know that millions of people are going through the same thing and that many stories have happy endings. 

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